Saturday, November 05, 2011

Updates of the days of my life:

Rooby wondering what all the fuss is about.


Not sure you can see that clearly, but that friends is a golf ball sized tumor growing on the back of Rooby's leg! She had surgery to remove it the day before we drove home to the Black Hills for Labor Day weekend. She is fine, the doctor didn't think it was cancer. What was weird is that I didn't even notice this growing until recently! Guess I need to groom her more often;)


Sorry for the grainy quality of the picture, camera phones for ya. This is my mommy & her impulse buy while I was home! We did plan on car shopping, but this was the first car we looked at and test drove. But it's a Honda, so of course she bought it!

This was an oops pic, but so cute I had to add it. Such a happy Millie.

My uncles new cat. My Grampa finally got his cat fix in. He didn't stop playing & hold this kitten the whole time they had her there.

Me and my Grandpoops!

Myself and my Gramma. She didn't want her picture taken, can ya tell?

My uncle John & Bella

No cone is gonna stop Rooby from her daily ritual, which is watching me get ready!

I just thought this one of Digby was hilarious, way to relax dude!

So, now you are caught up with my little vaca in the Hills in Sept. I will try and start getting better at my blog writing, so more to come. I have been busy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I recently got my first smart phone! Mine is the Droid X. It is a whole new world:) I am having so much fun with it right now. I am one of those, "There really is an app for that" kind of person. Recently I have become obsessed with an app called My Fitness Pal. Love it! Did I mention I am obsessed? It has motivated me like nothing else, I am on it so much that my phone has started locking up on me when it has had enough. Luckily you can get on the website with a computer too, hee hee. It is basically a calorie counter and exercise logger. I put in my goal, which is to lose 8 pounds. No ridicules please, these 8 pounds have been plaguing me for 2 years now. With my year sabbatical and then school, I barely walked my dogs. So, now nothing is standing in my way but motivation. This app gives me that.

So, with my goal to lose 8 lbs., I have to stay at 1320 calories per day! What the counter does is helps me log in the foods I am eating, tracks the calories and tells me how many calories I have left, or if I have gone over. I can log in my exercise as well, which helps me offset the calories. With that I can see how exercise actually helps me, especially if I want that glass of wine at the end of the night or an extra snack. I can see how much exercise I need, what certain types can do, and helps me to eat even healthier than I was. I also can see that I really do eat pretty well, and am for the most part portion controlled. The best part is at the end of the day when you log your final entry for the day it tells you, based on what you ate that day, # of calories, & exercise, if you stay on this same course you will be at certain weight in 5 weeks. It has been a week since I started this, so I don't have real results yet, but will keep you posted. Right now I am hooked:)

Another thing making me happy, my Topsy Turvey:

First Fruit

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I did it!!!!!

I am about to graduate! I can't believe it really, but I am. I get final grades on the 10th of August. My Comps. were already approved, so all I need is the diploma! My Masters Degree Diploma!! Me. I have a! It's been a long row for me.

Back when I was getting my undergrad degree, I did not think in my wildest of dreams that I would be getting a masters in anything. Besides not really believing in myself back then, I really didn't want to get my masters. I was burnt out on college as it was, we won't talk about that here;) But because of my new job's requirements I had to get my masters. Me and 'have to' don't always mix real well. As a result, I started stopped, started stopped, moved then started again. 12 short years later, here I am!

This past year has been long and hard at times, but now I can tell it is already worth it!True, I had to go back and finally finish my masters, but I was really ready. God gave me the job I didn't know I always wanted, and also gave me the discipline and perseverance I so lacked before to finish.

There were lots of road blocks. I shouldn't have been able to get back in my masters program and finish where I left off, it had been too long. There is a rule that you must start over if it has been more than five years. But I gave it to God, and he found a way. A professor became very ill and died before he was able to grade my work for the class. It was looking very much like I would have to retake that class, but once again God found a way. I forgot to get my application in for Comps. and graduation in on time, but once again God found a way! Now here I am.

Now that I have all this under my belt, I can't wait to see what kind of life God has in store for me now. I do know one thing, I may be able to read some blogs more often:)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I know, where the heck have I been, busy that's where....or what...whatever! Anyway lots have been going on, and unfortunately I have only had time to blog in my head. So, unless you are gifted enough to be able to read my mind, you have no idea what has been happening in my Dog World. I will attempt to catch you up in short order:

  • Spring semester I was taking 2 classes while working full time. Don't mind telling you, I lost it a few times. But I came out of it with 2 good grades.
  • In April, my brother interviewed for a job in Denver, I think just to see what they would offer him. They wanted him badly so they made him an offer that he accepted!
  • Somewhere in the middle of all this, or before I can't remember, Allyson announced she was preggers! I now know it is a new nephew!:) She is due in October.
  • My grampa had a stroke that was a strong warning stroke. It was bad enough that he lost  speech for a time. Now he can talk pretty clear, but is having trouble getting all his thoughts out completely.
  • My mom came to visit in May! I was done with class and able to just enjoy some summer for a while. Mom really helped me get my house back in shape since I haven't had time to do anything inside or out. We had a great time together. It was hard when she had to leave.
  • Brook & fam. came out the same time mom did to check out where they are going to live, Castle Rock! Brook found a beautiful house to rent, and managed to get a great deal on it. Mom & I were able to spend sometime with them while they were here.
  • Just before mom was here, grampa fell while trying to get the cat outside & broke his arm. A major set back. He broke it in two places. The problem now was that he couldn't get up fast enough to make it to the bathroom partly because of the pain he was in. So, mom & siblings were taking shifts staying with him to help him to the bathroom. He became scared of the bathroom, because he was afraid of falling, creating a whole other problem. Big decisions had to be made. They also discovered that his hip was hurting him almost as bad as his arm. Gramma was having trouble managing him herself, and finding care at home was proving harder than anyone thought. 
  • After my brother got home, he went into a tail-spin about money. Childcare here is more expensive than they are use to. Allyson wasn't too excited about moving and was dragging her feet looking for a job. But when her mom told her she could transfer to Denver, Allyson became excited. She interviewed for a job, but was turned down. Still looking. 
  • Lots of drama was going on in my brother's house hold in the last month. Brook worrying about all the things he can't control, Allyson not telling Brook how she feels, and trying to find ways to stay and not move. Brook was suppose to move everything this weekend, but as of last Wed. they weren't coming anymore. Brook wasn't returning phone calls (for weeks!), so I also felt at a loss of control. I really had to lean on God during this time, sometimes not so successfully.
  • Grampa was taken to the VA Rehabilitation center. It was hard to get him there, he kept saying that he had a brain, and if he went there he would die. But they got him there, and he is doing better. They took care of his pneumonia, his hip was badly bruised, and he needed help with his arm. He is doing better now. They are trying to manage the bathroom thing so that he can eventually go home. He only has 30 days there, then he has to either go home or find a new place, which is really expensive. At least right now, he is ok.
  • Just when I was feeling the most down and hopeless about my little nephew coming here to live, God did his thing. I found out through my mom that they are coming after all. All I could do was cry. I wanted them here so badly! Brook and I still hadn't talked. I was starting to think he was mad at me, so I was pretty down about that. He & I finally talked last night, and we are ok. 
  • Somewhere in the middle of all this I started my class in Denver. I drive up to Denver twice a week, Tues. & Thurs.'s. I get home at 10:00 those nights. It is wiping me out! The class is accelerated, started June 7th, and ends July 7th with one project that is due July 31st. It feels like, and is, the whole semester is crammed into one month. The class is interesting though, Math & Literacy K-2nd grade. Whole new way of thinking for me, but I love what is happening in math & reading now.
  • This was suppose to be my last class, but true to form something has to go wrong! When I was applying for graduation, my class list showed that I missed a class that I had not finished previously. My advisor & myself had missed it. I have to track down the professor, who doesn't work for the University anymore, and find out what happened. Last year the class was listed twice, one with a grade and one as a W. The college was suppose to remove the W, but did the opposite I think. But we can't find who did it and where this occurred. Its a mess. I was afraid for my job, so this weekend has not been a good one. However, my boss doesn't think that my job will be affected, but I may have to retake this class, thus not graduating until Fall. Sucks, was so hoping to be done and having my life back. But as long as I have my job, I will just have to do it.
So, there you are, all caught up! My brother is set to move out here this coming Thur. night. Allyson will stay behind until either she gets a job or their house sells. But hopefully she will be here at least by the end of the summer. I can't wait to be a full time Auntie!!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I feel like being Random today, so here I go!

  • I love it that Digby loves playing with a squeaky ball he got for Christmas, but it hurts his ears. Every time he chomps on it & it squeaks, he growls out in pain, but he keeps doing it!
  • I love that I live in an area that I can hike virtually year round if I want to.
  • Why is it that I have 'blog' thoughts all week, but when I actually sit down to write, I can't remember anything but that they were funny. Sigh...
  • I love that Millie won't play with toys unless we are all out of the room. Often when Rooby & Digby are outside, and I am in the shower, I hear her playing. :)
  • Digby likes to be in the bathroom with me whenever I take a shower. I'm not really sure why this is, but when I announce I am taking a shower, in he comes. I have caught him a time or two peeking under the shower curtain. He just sits there and stares...weird.
  • I bought a Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter the other day. Just have to wait until seedlings are out. We shall see if it works like it does on TV.
  • The class I am taking (Curriculum Planning & Development) MAY kill me.
  • I am going to start getting massages now. I am hoping it will help with the point above and with my back that is causing a whole lot of migraines.
  • I can't stand it that it isn't as warm as I want it to be already!! I am ready for Spring. Ready to start all over with my plants and hopefully keep those pesky weeds away.
  • I love that Millie still throws her head back as if she is laughing whenever she gets to sit with me on the couch!
  • How come if Rooby doesn't want Millie on the bed, Millie won't come up even when I say it is ok?? Aren't I the alpha here? All Rooby has to do is give Millie a certain look, and she knows she is not allowed on the bed.
  • What I love more than anything, is that I am going to be an Auntie again!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The difference is in which way my head is turned.


Ok, so I don't really like this angle, but I am not good at taking my own picture either. I should have had someone take it last night, but I chickened out. I am showing you this cuz this is the shortest I have cut my hair since 7th grade! I did it casual w/a roller brush & hair drier. Last night it was more 'done'. Today I look like a round circle.

I do like the back a lot, but the side to me makes me feel like I have a flat face. I don't know. Two days ago I liked it, today either I am grouchy or I don't like it. I will upload a pic tomorrow when I do it more, see if it looks any better. Opinions? It really is only hair. Next time, I may keep the back, but have the sides slightly longer than they are now. I really want a funky cute hairstyle, that is what I am going for. Wish I could show you the pic in the mag. I found the style in. Of course, I can't figure out how to do it like that.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Ok folks, you will thank me for this later, trust me! I found this recipe in Better Homes Mag., but I altered it for the crockpot, my faithfulist of cooking partners:) If you want the normal recipe, you're gonna have to call me, too much for me to type.

Braised Beef Shanks with Mushroom & Olives
2 Tbsp olive oil
I used a Beef Chuck Roast (4lbs.) (or 4 bone-in beef shanks 1 1/4 in. thick)
salt & pepper
2 large onions, chopped (2 cups)
2 med. carrots, coarsely chopped (1 cup)
3 cloves garlic, minced
3/4 cup dry red wine
1- 14 1/2 oz can undrained diced tomatoes with basil, garlic, and oregano
1 cup beef broth
12 oz cremini or button mushrooms (I used mushrooms), quartered or halved
3/4 cup pitted assorted olives
gnocchi (is optional, but I used it & loved it!)
1 recipe Fresh Herb Topper:
1/4 cup chopped fresh Italian (flat leaf) parsely
2 tsp finely shredded lemon peel (I used Lemon Peel spice)
3 cloves garlic, minced
Sprinkle beef with salt & pepper. Put in crockpot. Add onions, carrots, and garlic. Add wine, tomatoes, beef broth. Cover and cook on low 6 to 8 hours. Last half hour add in the gnocchi, mushrooms, and olives. To serve, sprinkle the Fresh Herb Topper on top and enjoy!

Seriously loved this recipe!!