Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well, I am off to SD tomorrow for a week of painting and handy work! Doesn't that sound like a perfect Spring Break to you? So, that means drugs for Millie so she can handle the trip, and grumpiness for Rooby when she is at the Grandparents house because of lack of freedom. Not to mention the zoo of animals that will be there. Shall I list them all? Well, there are my grampa's pets: Cedar, Tia, & the orange cat that lives outside. Then we have my mom's cats, Jade & Torrie. All cozy together in one house....with my two cat crazy, Rooby not crazy for Cedar, dogs! Wish me luck. And pray that I don't poop out on my mom. I need some extra motivation to work as hard as I can for her. I hope I can keep track of blogs while I am gone, but I may not be by a computer much. Until later!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Poochie pics for k~. The first dog is Rooby, and Millie is behind her. Aren't they cute?!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I had already written a long story about
my trip to Orlando, Florida, but my com-
puter, after waiting for DIAL-UP to down
load more pictures, conked out on me! So,
all I can say now is: "Have a magical day"!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Taking care of Mommy

I worried, but I shouldn't have. My mom has gotten in over her head lately by buying her dream property. Reason being, she has a lot of work to do. She is trying to get her current house ready for sale, and get her new property inhabitable for herself and her horses. On the new house, she needs to put in a door, get her floors redone, repair the stucco outside, paint, and a number of other small projects. On the new property, there are fences to fix and add in, a barn to put up, numerous projects to complete in the house if she sells the trailer or keeps it. That is still up in the air. There's junk to haul off, porch to replace, etc., etc., etc. It has been extremely overwhelming for her, and she is still working full time! My brother is trying to help, but can only come once a week because of school. My mom has been trying to do much of this by herself. She doesn't ask for help, even though she should. To make things even more fun, she has one horse at my Grandparents, and another horse across town at a friends house. Because of family circumstances, mom couldn't keep both horses at GP's house. So, this means a lot of traveling around. For a while, her friend that was keeping the one horse, was helping her out. But suddenly, this "friend" announced that mom needed to not only pay for an electric fence, but now needs to feed Mudd herself morning and night. There is no way my mom can pull that off and still work on getting her houses together. She has been sick for the past week or so, working herself ragged. I have been worried. She is no Spring Chicken you know, and she has been working hard. So, last weekend, my mom decided that she has no other choice but to, in one day, repair her fences, put up a temporary shelter, haul hay (BY HERSELF), and move her horses onto the property. This was killing me, because I couldn't come help, and Brook was out of town. I prayed, but I prayed that my mom's health would not suffer all this. I didn't pray for help. I thought I needed to do something on my own, so I emailed my aunt, who has been feuding with mom over the other horse not at mt GP's house. I asked her if she could help mom or find someone who can. I stressed that I was worried that mom would end up really hurting herself, and that she can't pay anyone. Well, I shouldn't have worried. When I called my mom for her Birthday, she blew me away with this story. She told me that my aunt came and helped her, and my aunt had not seen my email yet, when my gramma said that mom had a bad headache. Not only that, but she got my cousin Troy to help with hay bales. That alone I was so grateful for. But mom wasn't done yet. Then she told me that my gramma, as a B-day present, bought her a Handyman to help her get her old house ready for sale. NOT DONE YET! Then she told me that her boss at work pulled her aside and told her that he has noticed that mom looks overwhelmed and rundown lately, and asked of he could go out and see the new place. So, she took him and another guy from work out to the place. She told them what her plans were, and they left. One day, when mom was at work, they took the day off and went to the place and not only fixed her fences, they also put in a new gate, and hauled away all the junk on the property! Plus, they are going back to do some more work. They aren't asking for any money, they just want to help. After hearing all this, I just started to cry! God had it covered, and all I needed to do is trust him. He never ceases to amaze me.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tick Tock!

Ok, so yesterday I was late for a Time Management Seminar. How's that for irony!