Monday, October 29, 2007

My List
Lists are very popular on our blogs, so I thought I would write one too.
Things that I did this weekend that were good:
1. Got my hair done and styled while drinking a glass of wine.
2. Falling asleep on the couch Friday Night:)
3. Slept in Sat. morning (9:45am).
4. Made a real breakfast.
5. Enjoyed coffee!
6. Put a payment down on my new bed frame.
7. Talked to my best friend.
8. Had a date with a 'normal' guy! They are out there!
9. Went to church.
10. Gave lady at church my email address.
11. Hiked the Incline on a beautiful day.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Baby steps towards a dream

After talking to my brother one morning this last week, my wheels started to turn. He really encouraged me to start the process towards my Coffee Shop dream. I have been basically "talking" about this with only a select few for a couple of years now. I mentioned to him that I need to look into taking some business classes, which he baulked at. There is help out there, I just need to find it. We talked about starting to write my Business Plan outline as a first step. All of my ideas are in my head swimming around. It is time to get them down on paper. So, I looked online for some help and found a great outline that tells you exactly what you need in the plan. I also found a Business Plan template, which I saved on my computer for later. I then looked on the BBB site, which had a couple of articles to help me go towards the right direction, I hope! One is Steps to Starting your own Business. The other is Looking for Sounds Financial Advice. The next order of business, once I start getting my ideas down in the outline, will be to go check out the competition. I will go to several coffee places and take notes of what I see that works, and what won't work for me. Mostly, I am just trying to not run away screaming. This is a scary idea. But I am only at the thinking stages right now. That's isn't scary, right?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mommy Bloggers

Have you heard of this? Moms, who blog and get paid for it. Or have you heard the term Professional Bloggers. How can I make that happen? Wouldn't it be cool to do something for fun that you do as a pastime and get paid for it? I heard about this on 60 minutes or something like that, can't remember. I really think that you writers out there, and you know who you are, should find out how you can make some money out of this bloggin thing. That is your mission for the week. Good luck! Keep me posted. Hee hee.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Ok seriously!
It is time for someone to tell me the truth. Am I destined to find a geeky guy? Are geeky guys what fit with me? Seriously! I really starting to get a complex and am strongly considering not letting anyone set me up again. Unless of course, judging from what I look like, that is the type of guy people think I belong with. It's really not that I think I belong with a hottie, but sheesh! I can't even really describe well the types of guys I have been set up with in the last year or so. So, please tell me so I can get over myself, ok? Is a guy with funny teeth, and odd shaped head, and nerdy quirks my type of guy? Or do you see me with a normal build type of guy that could hang with my friends. Or maybe just help out my self esteem and tell me the type of guy you see me with. I know I am asking right now for the superficial. I already know what I want on the inside. It's just the guys I have been set up with, including tonight, make Cody from high school look like a model. I am babbling now, I know sorry, bare with me. I am just starting to think that I am not all that pretty. You be the judge, you are my friends. I can take honesty from you. Lay it on me.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I love this picture of the bowling ball, cuz that is how I look when I bowl a strike or end up in the gutter! This was suppose to be a funny blog about me joining our work's Bowling League. But of course in my life there always seems to be so many other things intertwined through the main story. Work for the past few weeks has been a real struggle for me. I tried to be assertive at work, but it ended up biting me in you know where. I won't go into the whole long drawn out story, it is really still exhausting for me to tell to many times. But bottom line I was met with some real ugliness. It still floors me when I get a first hand glimpse at what people are capable of. I more than made the VP of Human Resources angry with me because I tried to get something done that his department wasn't. He blew up at me through a mass email. It was awful. I can't even describe it except to say there was hatred in his words. That really took me by surprise. I have always thought of myself as someone easy to work with and get along with, and up until this point I thought I had a good working relationship with this man. But there was hatred behind his words. When I had to confront him about it, I was met with even more venom. He did not care to listen to me. He decided I was out to get him, and that was it. Our CEO was out of town that week, but I knew I would have to talk to her when she came back. She is a piece of work also. You don't want to be on her bad side. And usually she takes the side of the people she directly supervises, which is this guy. When I did meet with her, it wasn't quite as bad as I thought, although she did tell me she talked him out of resigning. She apologized for him, should have been him, but oh well. But she also defended him to some degree. The talk itself went fine, but then she went and talked to my boss. The next day, bowling day by the way, my boss told me that Noreen-CEO thought that I had rolled my eyes at her during a passed meeting, not the meeting I just had with her. I was really upset about that. One she did not address that with me when she had the chance, and two I would not ever do that! So, I had a sour taste in my mouth, and feeling pretty defeated in my job. I was really looking forward to this wacky bowling night. A chance to blow off some steam. Take a guess who was on the opposing team next to us. Noreen. There went that. I had to be on my guard the whole night and act like I was having fun. I did learn some things from all this though. I am not good at playing the politics game at work. And when I get a little confident, I can get a little big for my britches in a way. I need to humble myself a little more at work, trust God more. And remember more harm comes from gossiping and perpetuating the negative feelings. Anyway, I am hoping the next bowling game will be more fun. And I am wondering if God put Noreen there to remind me that it would have been more harmful if I would have spent my night gossiping about her. God is both funny and wise.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

My new Church

Well, today didn't go like I pictured it exactly,

but it was good just the same.

I made it to church 5 minutes later than I hoped,

despite Carey calling me this morning to make sure I was up.

Thanks Carey!

I missed the prayer portion and the divvying up of jobs.

5 minutes late!

These people don't waist anytime.

I guess I thought there was more to it because you have to be there a half an hour before the service starts.

So, hopefully lesson learn,

and I will try again.

What happened instead was,

I was standing in front of the coffee bar getting my cup filled.

A girl approached me that was in the members class with me.

We started talking.

She is very nice,

and she is a teacher also.

So, we have a lot in common.

We stood there for quite a while before going in to sit down.

Then, a man that was also in the members class with me,

came in and sat near me. He actually lived in Rapid City for the past 5 years,

but recently moved back to the Springs this year. He is not native to SD,

but we had something easy to talk about.

After church, I did not get to meet the people Pastor Pete wanted me to meet,

but instead talked for quite awhile with the guy from RC,

then I teacher that works for me who also goes to the church.

The girl I was talking to earlier also came back over.

I stayed after church for quite a while!

I usually leave immediately,

so it was really neat to stick around and actually talk to people.

Everyone I have met so far has been so genuinely nice and easy to talk to.

Is God looking out for me or what?!

To make things better,

it was also a communion Sunday.

I felt very much renewed in my faith,

and feel like I have been given a fresh new start.

I feel that this is only the beginning.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I became a member of my new church today. This will only be the 2nd time I have done this in my life. It just feels like time. The last time I committed to a church, I had to leave it suddenly. I hope this one sticks for a real long time. It feels good. And I feel like I am starting over with God. Today, I am home.