Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is it a deal breaker if you don't connect with someone with Humor?
What if he has everything else but you just can not connect in that way, like he doesn't have the same sense of humor as you. Or that part just does not connect.
Is that a deal breaker?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring. Sheesh! This is my Springs Break people. Last week we had upper 60's & 70's all week. We were dreaming of getting out the golf clubs for at least part of the break. Mine all wrapped up neat and tidy in the box they came in over Christmas. I am so excited about my new clubs that I can't even get them out of the box! Seriously, I know that sounds weird, but I guess I wanted to save them for the first time I am read to play with them. Today was suppose to be that day. I was going golfing at 8am this morning with my golfing buddies form work. Last night while watching news, it became very clear that I would not be golfing this week. They forcasted cold temps. and snow for the next couple of days. It was 29 degrees at 8am this morning with a slight blanket of snow. My poor little plants that are trying to come up are freezing as we speak! Below is my first ever daffodil, poor sad thing. I know things could be worse. I could be buried in a blizzard like some of my friends are. We do need the moisture, but I think I would rather have rain and thunderstorms by now. I have gotten some projects underway. My floor is regrouted in my living room, just needs to be sealed now. One wall of my shower tile is clean of grout globs and ready to be regrouted and sealed, just two more sides to go. I cleaned off my desk in my office! I can see my pretty desk wood now. Plus, I have gotten some other cleaning done. But man! I wanted to go for a good hike, golf, maybe go shopping. Ok, the shopping part is a little far fetched since I have no money, but it was the thought! Anyway, it is suppose to be in the 50's by Saturday, so hopefully we can try a game of golf in the afternoon. Happy Spring!

Monday, March 23, 2009

For Bobbi:
Here's the latest on my little friend Digby. Well, He graduated his first Doggie class. He was neither at the top or the bottom of his class, but I KNOW he would have been at the top if I had practiced with him more. That dog is so motivated by food and pleasing you, and he is smart too! I decided to not sign up for the next class right now, but will try harder to practice what we have already learned:)
He has had only one Introduction since he was "adopted" before. He met a family who seemed very nice and I thought they liked him. We decided to be very honest with them about the last adoption, but also told them what we have & are going to do about it. It didn't seem to bother them, but they did not ask to keep him. I'm sure you all know I was relieved just a tad. Even though I want him to well with all this, I also love the little dude. Someone from our class asked me why I don't adopt him, I hear this a lot. So, I broached the subject with one of the Allbreed people. They said I would be considered a Foster Failure, which really means they would never let me foster through them again. Even though I am tempted to keep him, it doesn't feel good to keep him like that, you know? Plus, I don't know if I would have to pay the $108 it costs to adopt him or not. Don't really have that. So, I continue to try and keep things in perspective.
A funny thing did occur during the Intro with that family. The girl that heads up Allbreed was in the Intro with me, and playing with him on the floor. He was rolling over to get a tummy rub. Laura asked me, didn't you say he was fixed? I said, yeah that is what Karen told me, and it was written on the certificate from the Humane Society, why? Uh, because he is not fixed! Everyone had a big laugh at my expense because I did not figure this out on my own, including me! But I am telling you, I couldn't tell! I am use to bigger animals, ok. His little balls(excuse me!) do not hang like big dogs! So, now he has to under go the snip-snip! Poor Digby!;)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ok girls, it is on!!

It is time to get serious, there is much at stake! The big one is coming. The big 20 year class of'89! And I know my friends, you all are workout fiends when there is the proper motivation especially. I know I am not fat, but I know I have let myself get a little soft in the middle. I need to look awesome, or at the very least be able to hang with my friends, who I know are all going to look awesome! The biggest thing is being able to wear a bikini and not feel self conscious about it if we go to the lake. So, I guess what I am saying, is I have to get serious. There is only little over three months left to shed a few pounds and tone up. Can I do it?? Answer is, AAAARRRGGGGG! I hope so. This is some of the plan:

1) I first took Carey's test: and I am a balanced oxidizer. Which, after some research really tells me to eat balanced portions of good foods that contain proteins, carbs, and fats. I already do this pretty well, although I wish I could afford to buy fish more often. But in taking the test, it reminds me about good balance and portion control.

2) Continue my walkin dogs routine. Gets me outside nearly everday. But also step up the weights, yoga & Pilate's. One thing I HAVE to do is get home earlier from work!

3) I signed up for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Challenge through work. We have a fitness committee, that puts on several events over the year, and this is an annual one. I didn't do it last year because you are required to get up at the butt-crack of dawn on my precious sleeping in Saturdays! You have to meet everyone by 6:30am, hike starts SHARPLY at 7am. Seriously, they will leave you! So imagine me all excited that Digby's classes are over, which only required me to get up by 8am. Not from April 4th until June, I will be getting up before 6am! Every Saturday! Anyway, it works like this. Every Sat. we hike somewhere different, each hike gets more difficult. The last hike is, of course, going up Pikes Peak. It's a tough hike from what people tell me, a 14r. Most people don't even walk back down because they are so tired! So, wish me luck. People are already making bets that I don't make it past two weeks!

Here's to looking awesome to impress only ourselves!;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jibjab card

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Today's funny:
Late for work this morning, and pulling out of driveway realize that I am way past E.
I think, I can make it!
Can't be any later than I am today, have trainings all morning.
Note to self, will get gas as soon as I leave work today.
5pm, turn engine, notice it took a bit to get started.
Pulled up to a stop sign, car feeling weird.
Pulled up to stoplight with gas station right across the street.
Car dies right there at light!
Had to tell drivers behind me that I couldn't move my car across intersection to fill gas can.
Sorry, you have to go around me.
Listen to various honking as I walked across street.
Filling gas can, I twitch, gas spills all over me and ground.
Screw on cover, walk back as if nothing is wrong.
Fill tank with what little I had.
Drove to gas station to fill up rest of tank.
Filling up tank, thought it was full.
Pulled hose out as it is still gushing out.....
all over me.
Drove home stinking of gas.
Oh the high.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

I am sitting here with a warm pack on my neck(this comes after the ice pack), fighting a migraine while catching up on the millions of blog posts I have missed out on for so long. I am trying not to take my last migraine pill, because my stupid insurance makes us pay up front for everything, then they reimburse you a portion of what you spent. My medication costs $250 for 12 doses! I do have some saved posts to finish and get out, but I am not sure how long my migrained head can keep looking at a computer screen. I just wanted to write a short one here to apologize for taking sooo long in writing. The weekends are really my time for catching up, but something always seems to be getting in the way of that. So, I guess stay tuned. I will write. Now, I think I may go back to bed.