Thursday, April 30, 2009

Progress Report:
So, I still can't do a military push-up exactly, I can't lower myself all the way to the ground or close to the ground. So, what I did was as close to 2 military p-u's as I could for the first set, then I did equal girl p-u's to match. I did this for every set. In doing this I completed each set. So far so good. I hope I get stronger though!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have a a baby nephew!!!!!
7 pounds and lots of long inches!
Mom & Baby doing great
Brook cried:)
Call me Auntie Chris!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ok ladies, I suck. I have never felt weeker! I BARELY got ONE puch-up completed!! I guess I have always done the girlie push-ups. Anyway, here we go. Wish me luck, cuz how in the H-E-double L am I going to get 2 or even 3 done tomorrow?!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

It is sooooo on! I can't believe how excited about this I am, I hate push ups! But I am feeling very motivated, and I need your support to keep this up. So, I am inviting you all to participate &/or cheer me on! I know Carey & Karen have already started, but I want to make my official entry into the contest tomorrow, Monday. I will post my progress everyday, all I ask from you is please don't let me get discouraged. Help keep me going!! I also signed up for belly tips on how to tone my flab. Awesome arms & toned tummy here I come!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Carmel Macchiato.....that is what I am eating right now! Yummmmmm-o!
The Downside of Facebook...
Is when people from work find you.
Especially when one of those people is the Chief Operating Officer!
I was very reluctant to be friends with anyone from work, but gradually I accepted a few friend requests. Then the COO asked to be my friend. I ignored her at first, but the second time she asked, I felt that it might not look good if I ignore her again. So, now I have to watch when I get on Fb, and sometimes what I say. I hate that. So now I am waiting for our CEO to send me a request. I've been told she is on Fb.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't ya just love this pic of Rooby?! We started our hiking challenge yesterday, and even though it was in the upper 30's and snowing big flakes, it was a pretty good hike over all. We went to the Garden of the Gods, rain or shine this place is beautiful. Will post more pics. I woke up at 5:30 am, thinking over & over in my head that I will get to take a nap later today (The nap was a total of 5 hours, seriously!). Picked up my friend Yvonne, and made it early for the hike. Yes, that is a feat! We hiked on some trails that I had not been on before, so that made the hike better. So, good start to the challenge! Unfortunately, I will be out of town next weekend at a conference, so I can't go to Waldo Canyon with the rest. Will have to do a make up hike somewhere else this week....if it ever stops snowing! I have lost 2 whole pounds so far, so I'm happy!! Have a great Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 05, 2009 of COLD!! I think I have hit a wall with it. Colorado really hasn't had a bad winter in terms of bad snow storms, but it has been cold. I am tired of cold. Here it is April, and it was 35 degrees today. I remember last winter reading Bobbi's blog about how depressed she felt because winter just kept hanging on, and I remember feeling glad that I live here because even in winter, we have many days that it is sunny with 50-60 degree temps. This year just seems to feel colder than I remember. Maybe I am just antsy because I am so ready to wear Spring clothes, play golf and go hike. My first Pikes Peak Climb hike was canceled Sat. I am just ready. I am ready to be warm. Please??? My poor little flowers, that are trying so hard to come up and bloom, are freezing!

Meet River. This is my little nephew hangin out, waiting for the day he comes out and says hi to all of us! Allyson's due date is April 23rd, so it's coming up fast. One problem though, he is breech right now, and Allyson is having to do weird exercises to get him turned around. She does not want to have a C-section if at all possible. So prayers are much appreciated! I am so excited to be an Auntie, I hope I am a good one, even far away. I will not be there for the birth, which is a bummer, but am planning on getting there for baptism since I am Godmama! Anyway, this is the closest I will get to being a mom sorta, and I can't wait. Pray for my brother too, who is scared he won't be a good dad. He has so much love in him, I am just hoping he doesn't let the past get the better of him.
Anyway, looking forward to meeting you little River!! You are already much loved.