Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh Rooby!

Rooby is a perv! It's official. Last night at the dog park, she went to jump up on a girl wearing a very cute sundress, and pulled the whole dress up! It happened so fast I couldn't stop her. All either of us could do was laugh! Nice.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finally I have some pics I can upload! This is one of the Rehearsal Dinner pics of Brook and Allyson. Don't they look blissful?

Here's a great pic of my 90 year old Grampa in his sombrero! We told him since he couldn't wear a Top Hat for the wedding, he could choose one of his crazy hats to wear at the reception. And he did!
The whole Wedding party, minus a MIA Bridesmaid. Not sure where she went. As you can see, Grampa is still refusing to take the hat off, and these were part of the formal pictures!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Brook and Allyson's Wedding

First of all, I am really sorry for not writing sooner. I know I had a lot of people praying for me, and wanting to know what happened. Thank you all for your prayers, they really helped more than I can say. I would love to include a picture here. but I am not using my own computer and don't have the software for my camera to install. Must still be in a box somewhere! Hopefully I can get some pics in later.

Overall everything went really well. I was hoping that if I expressed my fears enough, they wouldn't happen. I can say that I will not be winning a million dollars or anything, unless I can get some money for pictures of my Grampa in his tux and sombrero! More on that later.

Day 1: Bridal Shower

I could not avoid a hug from Milt's wife, Judy. She just snuck it in before I could stop her. I went to shake her hand, and there it happened! Oh well. I also met the wife of the brother we never knew. Really, he is Brook's biological half brother if you want labels. His name is Jeff. Apparently Jeff connected with Milt in 2000. His wife's name is Melinda, I think (terrible with names). The shower itself went great, and afterwards a few of us went to the bar nearby to hang out. Melinda went with us. It became very apparent after a bit that Melinda is more than a little nosey and just says or asks whatever is on her mind whether it is appropriate or not. First, she would go on and on about how much she loves Milt and Judy, and how good they are to them. I am sitting right next to her, she knows I don't have a relationship with them. So, of course my guard went up. I just couldn't help feeling that she was after something. Then, she began asking me about what Milt did to me as a kid. I just looked at her, like are you for real? Allyson is sitting right across from me, and there are several people there I just met...especially her! I dodged that one, but she kept coming back to it. Then she proceeded at ask me if Milt had beat up my mom when we were little, and if my grandparents pressed charges! Again, I turned to her with my guard firmly up, and said that I didn't feel like this was an appropriate time to be talking about this, plus not to mention that I didn't know her and I don't share things like this with people I don't know. I then said that I was trying very hard to make this time about Brook and Allyson, and not about my feelings about Milt. Melinda tried to explain that she was trying to understand her husband better, and by better understanding Milt, she would be able to figure out some aspects of Jeff's personality. I am not completely buying it all. I do know, that whatever I said to her would get back to Judy in an instant. So, wasn't expecting that weirdness, but it could have been worse. Judy herself did try really hard to keep her distance minus the hug, and I appreciated that.

Day 2: Rehearsal Night

Here is when I see Milt for the first time in 14 years. It was weird honestly. He is much heftier, of course older looking. And when I heard his voice, it wasn't as deep as I remember it. It was softer. We didn't talk at all through most of the Rehearsal. He did not come up to me. No hugging. No how are you from either one of us. At one point, I am walking down with my Grampa, and he was being his usual bugger self. Grampa refused to wait for the couple ahead of us before walking, he just charged ahead! He tried to blame it on that he couldn't hear, but I know better. Anyway I was talking about what he did while we were in line waiting to go through it again. I turned towards Milt and told them that after they started walking Grampa charged right after them, which got a laugh from everyone. That was the first I sort of spoke to him. He laughed, and that was it. That really is how things went with him. We were cordial to each other. Made a few comments in one or the others general direction, that was it. I also met Jeff, the brother. That was a little weird too. He was very shy, but nice. I just wasn't sure what to say to him. Maybe I will see him again one day. Anyway, after the dinner I got in my car and drove to Brook's house. I thought I was fine. I thought I had made it through it virtually unscathed. Then I heard my two best friends voices on my voicemail asking if I was ok, and I just lost it. I cried in my car for at least a half-n-hour. I was shocked I had all that in there. I am still not sure what it means if anything. But after that, I felt so much better, and I didn't cry again over him.

Day 3: Wedding Day

Mom, Gramma and I got our nails done together. I forgot my camera when I arrived at the church, so tears there. I am hoping I get pics for everyone else cuz I have no pics of my own of the actual wedding. The wedding itself was great. Allyson and I bonded. She looked absolutely beautiful and the most calm bride I have ever seen. Brook was more on edge than she was. He made a necklace for her that day for the wedding, which being last minute, he ran into all kinds of snags, but it turned out gorgeous. I got to be the one to give it to her since he wasn't allowed to see her yet. She cried when she saw it. I gave a reading during the service, of course we had a screaming baby through the whole thing, but I kept right on going. Even Grampa behaved himself! After, we all met at the Elks where the reception was held. When I walked in, there was my Grampa wearing a sombrero hat with a Mexican blanket over his shoulder dancing up to everyone. He wouldn't take the hat off all night, including during the formal pictures! Allyson just laughed and went with it. We all just had a great time. It wasn't until the end of the night that Judy took her shot. She pulled me aside and gushed about how great it was to have met me and that I always have a place at their house. I just smiled and said that I know. Then she said she is praying for me. All I could think was, yeah I'll be praying for you too. I said thank you, and that was it. I know that sounds like a nice exchange, but something tells me not to trust this woman.

After the Reception:

Several of us hung out at the Alex Johnson Hotel where Brook and Allyson had a room. We stayed up and partied with them until 2am when the lights came on. I couldn't believe they stayed out that long! I would have been long gone if it were me, if ya know what I'm saying!;) I just love my brother so much, and it meant everything to me to share in his obvious joy. He couldn't stop grinning from when they were pronounced husband and wife on.

So, I made it through. It wasn't half bad. The only bummer is there will be no money made from any video. Everyone behaved themselves, so no good material. In the end, this was what I was hoping for, and what they deserved.