Friday, December 29, 2006

I can hear it even now...the squeakers! Now, don't laugh but every year since I got Rooby I have what I call "A Dogs Christmas". Yes, that's what I said. I put up stockings for my pets and fill them with all kinds of goodies. And this was Millie's very first Dogs Christmas. Let me walk you through our night last night. I usually pick a night sometime after I get back from South Dakota for Christmas. It was a perfect night because our 2nd Blizzard was going at full force outside, snowing pretty hard. I made some decaf coffee with Starbucks liquor, yum! Popped some popcorn, and made my dogs dinner. Their dinner is yummy canned food that they don't get on a daily basis since they eat dry food. So, I opened two cans of beef/chicken/liver and gravy. They flip for this stuff! After dinner then it's stocking time! I pulled out a toy each and let them go nuts. Just when they really start getting excited about that toy, I pull out more! Rooby loves Dog Christmas, she really loves toys. She runs from one toy to the next to the next squeaking away! Millie wasn't too sure at first, but she soon caught on. For about an hour or so after they got all their toys, all I heard was the squeaking of various toys. Music to my ears. PS: I couldn't post a picture cuz I left my camera in SD. Sheesh!

How about a little holiday UGLY! My new favorite party concept, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Amy and I were invited to a friends-boyfriends party, so we didn't really know anyone, but everyone had plenty to look at and talk about. I had the best time just picking out my sweater. I went to Goodwill, which had a hole rack devoted to the Christmas sweater! I really had to work hard at not laughing out loud. It was a hard choice as you can imagine, but this look won out over the others. This sweater is hideous! Of course it is hard to tell here since it is on a Hot Babe! The only thing missing from this party was a contest of the ugliest. They didn't do that. We decided that next year we definitely have to have this kind of party of our own with a contest. Maybe the prize will be a Holiday hat like Susan has on her blog! The rest of this story needs to be seen through pics, so I am going to let them do the talking. Enjoy!! This is Amy's friend Jeri (that was for you Karen) and her soon to be fiance Ryan. Notice the Christmas Goose on his leg! Below is a friend of Ryan's, his tree is actually metallic and he is wearing his Grandma's wig under that hat! And lastly the ugly sweater girls, me, Jeri and Amy. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 22, 2006

I can't keep up! I love every one's blogs so much but I can't seem to keep up with the stream of new posts! I get on one and discover that there are not just one or two to read but 7, and I want to read and respond to as many as possible, but by the time I get done with one blog, I don't have time to read anyone elses let alone write anything on my own. And speaking of my own, I feel that my life is so uninteresting most of the time, so I am struggling to find fun things to write about. You all write about everything from big events to mundane things, but make everything so enjoyable to read. Maybe I have writers block, maybe I just don't think I can spin the simple things into something worth reading about. Maybe I am feeling a tad bit negative today. I am just feeling two things today. 1. that I am missing out on so much cuz I can't seem to keep up with every one's blogs; and 2. my life can feel so like nothing sometimes, like I am not really living. Isn't that so dumb! Why do I feel like this sometimes. I really do try to be a positive person, and really most of the time I am, but I slip every so often. I really wish my life felt more significant. Like I have a real purpose. But truthfully, most of the time I feel like I am just here. Stupid right, when I have so many good things going for me right now. I also know that most everyone I know just wants me to knock it off and just be happy already. I feel like I shouldn't tell people things like this, like they just want to know the good things, but I don't know. I rambling now. I think I will stop writing now, and wait until I am feel like my more likable self before I write again. Sorry to be so negative today. Maybe I need more coffee.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

This is a short tale of how I got my Christmas tree this year. A friend of mine from work decided that it would be much cheaper, and more fun to chop our own trees down this year. So, we packed up Liz's daughter, grabbed Yvonne, who wanted to come along for the ride, and we were off for Woodland Park. First, was a quick stop to Starbucks for some tummy warming refreshments. $20 later, that was just for me mind you, we were ready to get going. You should also know that it is only $10 for a permit to cut your tree. It was suppose to be a CHEAP tree trip, remember. Not when I needed coffee, water, a sandwich for later, and a Christmas Cranberry bar. The rest of this story I am going to mostly illustrate with pictures. I will say, this was a great experience and I would do it again. Ok minus the $20 Starbucks bill.

Here you see my little forest tree, just sitting there awaiting me. It was the second tree I laid eyes on and I knew this one was the one for me. Below, I am sawing away.....yes me, by myself. I cut down my very first Christmas Tree. The next step was for Liz to get her tree. So, as she went looking for her perfect tree, I had to take over pulling Nika on the sled. Poor girl, she didn't know what she was in for. This is Nika in the ditch. Not once but twice I did this to her. At least she was laughing. Anyway, we did have a great time and it was so beautiful up there. I highly recommend this way of getting your tree if you are able. Your kids would love it. Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm back fellow bloggers. I have been missing in action, I know and have a lot to catch up on I know. I feel like time has stood still for me cuz I couldn't keep up on your lives. So, bare with me while I catch up on all your lives and write a few blogs myself. Glad to be back. Have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.