Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wooo hooooo! It's officially Football season!!
I am especially happy about this for this season because I did not get to watch much Bronco Football last year.
Nor did I see the amount of coverage that we have here.
This year, it is all good, and all about the Broncos!!
Go Broncos!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Random thoughts by Chris:

  1. Why does it take the whole friggin weekend to clean my house?!

  2. I love love love my new job, so why do I feel weird about telling people that?

  3. I wanted so much to be the one that God used to save my brother's marriage, but when you pray about this sort of thing and wait.....guess what God answers you! Who knew? I am not going to be the one who does that, nor is it my job to try and reason with my sis-n-law. A lady from my church prayed for me one night, and she had more insight than what I told her, it really hit home. She told me sometimes our only job is to listen and ask questions, let God do the rest. I cried, but I know she is right. I have a phone date with my sister-n-law tomorrow night.

  4. How much hair does one dog have???!

  5. My yard looks like crap....just sayin.

  6. Ever been hit on by a 60+ something-year-old in Wal-Mart? I have. Recently even.

  7. Why do most of my headaches/migraines wait for the weekend to happen?

  8. Can you say bored?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Prayers Please

My sister-n-law is walking away from the marriage.
Please pray that is can be reversed,
but if not that God can please turn this into good.
And pray for me, cuz I keep having strong urges to call someone someone and shake them.