Monday, January 19, 2009

facebook magic!

Facebook really has opened up a whole new world for me. Not only am I reconnecting with tons of past and present friends, but I am meeting a few new people too. It's ok that my facebook reunion in RC was a bust, I did get to see a couple people there that I haven't seen since high school, and get to know the faces I knew from a few others but really didn't know well. I have gotten several phone numbers from people in my past and from suggested friends too. I found one of my best guy friends from HS that I haven't talked to in 11 years. We didn't get to meet up over Christmas because of weather, but we have been playing phone tag ever since. One of Suree's friends, who lives here in the Springs, wants to get together and get to know each other. A friend of mine from college is now living in the Springs, her name is Rita, and I didn't know it before Fb. She also wants to get together. I reconnected with a guy, Eric, that I dated about three years ago, who is a Christian, and we have been doing things as friends for the last couple of weeks. But recently he told me he would like to date now. A friend in Denver is trying to set me up with a guy, Craig, who lives in Denver. He has called me twice now.

All of a sudden I am sort of getting a life, but my habit formed hermitism (my word) is a little hard to break, weird huh?! I have not called Jaleen, Suree's friend, or Rita yet. Jay, my long lost guy friend, called me a week-n-a-half ago, and I still have not called him back. I have yet to return Craig's calls. And even though I have been doing things with Eric, part of me wants to run away and stay warm and safe in my little house of a world. What is wrong with me???

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well.......Digby is back! Bad behaviors in his new home is bringing him back. Digby does need the people to establish dominance with him right away, and if you don't he takes over. These people are just too sweet, and really need a sweet docile dog I guess. They let him intimidate them with his old man growl, and then he ended up biting the man. They had him just a couple days, and hadn't gotten him into an obedience class yet, and they decided he was too much for them. I tried to talk to Amy, the mom, about how he tried that with me at first and what I did about it, but they has already made up their mind. He is coming back. I am about to go get him now. Maybe that is why I couldn't cry. Maybe God was telling me to wait cuz he'll be back. So, next steps for Digby are to enroll him in a class that specifically helps me to teach him that all humans are his boss. As much as I am happy to get him back, I don't want him to always get bounced around. He deserves a forever home dang it! He also needs someone who has experience with dogs, not first timers. I just keep thinking back when I first got Millie and how hard that first month was especially. Millie chewed up a door! Ripped up blinds, escaped from the back yard repeatedly. I cried a lot, but somehow I couldn't give up, and if I had, where would she be? I pray that his next family will have that kind of stamina I guess. Anyway, I am going to go pick up the little booger right now. So yeah me?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Digby is in his new home as I write this. He got adopted shortly after New Years, but I was able to keep him for a few more days while they completed their classes. I did cry when they first told me it was official. I figured that I would be a wreck for the next several days, but I have been working with God. Those who know me, know my attachment to animals, and that I can go into a deep depression when I lose one. I kept telling myself going into this that I was serving others by giving a deserving dog a home while a Forever Home is located. And that I was helping to give a very special gift to someone else. I also kept telling myself that Digby is not my dog, he is someone elses. That and continually talking to God about this has helped my heart so much. So, All Breed called me Monday, and I worked out a time with the new parents for the drop off to happen this Thursday. I had a few days to really prepare for this, because since I have had him since October, of course I fell in love with the little guy. My grumpy old man turned into a lovey snuggler with a fun attitude. I expected, and prepared myself for the inevitable good cry when I dropped him off, but it still hasn't happened. Digby's new mommy was so happy to see him, and he wanted to explore every inch of their house. He has a little doggy door just for him, and a bed with a canopy on it! He was happy to see her too. I really don't think he knows I am gone. I didn't cry in the car, and I am not crying now. I feel both happy for him and them, and also feel a lump in my stomach. We are going to miss him so much. But I am so glad I did this. It really feels good to have done something like this for someone other than me. I know I will let myself cry at some point, I wouldn't be me if I didn't. But for the moment, and thank you God for wine, I am ok. Bye Digby, we love you, and hope to run into you at the dog park.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm back!!
Whewwwww!!!! I should so not try and do cool techy things like change to a fancier background. I thought I had lost everything! So, I am going to stick to the same-o-same-o for awhile. I would have been so upset if all that I have wrote after the last couple of years was lost in cyberspace. Sheesh.

Friday, January 02, 2009

So, I am trying to teach myself how to cast on. My crafters group hasn't met in awhile, and I just feel like I need to start over yet again! I haven't finished anything yet folks! One of the craft ladies that was helping me learn mentioned that you can find a number of websites that have free instructional videos that help get you started, and then give instruction on more challenging projects you might want to try. So, since I don't have anyone right now to help me get started, I thought I would give the websites a try. This one seems great: She talks you through it slowly and repeats several times. I am still struggling, but it just could be that my mind takes longer to process things, I don't know. When I watch it, I think I can get it, it makes sense. But when I then try it out on my own, I still seem to be doing it wrong, and I don't know why. But anyway, I am going to keep taking cracks at it. Karen, try this out and see what you think. Or you might find a few other sites that work for you online. Happy knitting.....soon I hope!;)