Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shopping with Karen:)

Always an adventure, no matter where we have gone so far, but today's shopping trip was something else. Generally we had a great girl time, and came home exhausted from power walking from store to store. I had been dying to go into this store call Steve & Berry's because that is a good place to get the Bitten Line from Sarah Jessica Parker, so in we went. Karen had been back in the dressing room for quite sometime, and came back empty handed. Then she saw some cute shorts. She wanted to try them on, but didn't want to go back to the dressing room because, as she put it, a really mean guy there. We ran to a few of those mean people during my trip so far, but that is a story for another time. So, she announces, I am just going to try them on here, be my look out! We were in a corner of the store, and not many people were over there at the time, so I'm thinkin, alright! We stood behind a jewelry tower that was pretty wide, and I stood at the side to block people from view. We also looked around for any visible cameras, didn't see any. Karen whips her own shorts off, and tried on the first pair. Worked like a charm. Then she tried on another pair of shorts, but this time a worker was in the area. He was folding things on the opposite side of the jewelry rack, but was a little distance away. So, I really needed to be on my guard. I positioned myself both to shield and so that I could move quickly if he started to come this direction. My mind was racing, I need to think of a snappy question to deter his attention if he moves this way. Then suddenly he turned, and advanced in our direction, I'm thinkin Yikes! What do I ask?! Then just as suddenly he turned back around. I turned to Karen, who had successfully gotten her shorts back on. Disaster overted!

In the car, on our way home, Karen told me that she was wearing thongs!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yeah know, I wish I could figure out why I can't seem to line pictures straight down! Anyway, just wanted to show that I do have more than weeds in my flower beds. Most of my poor flowers are being over powered by tall mean greedy weeds as we speak. I did spend 3 hours in the blazing sun trying to weed and then lay down bark. I really did get a lot done, but it STILL doesn't seem that way considering how many flower beds I have. I may add pics of what I accomplished little later. I love my flowers, but why oh why do weeds need to be a part of things!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I started golfing through work this year. Man am I rusty!! With golf, I have found, if you don't keep playing, you quickly lose skills. I discovered that a couple of ladies from work like to golf, but are as bad as I am, so when our fitness committee announced a golf challenge we jumped at the chance. Through work, we have two practice nights and then a Scramble in August. During the first practice, it was very evident that I need to hit the driving range more often. So, my work friend, Karen and her hubby met me at the driving range last Thur. night and we practiced. Her husband was great about giving us pointers without making us feel like inept girls. It was also evident that I need to ditch the rummage sale clubs and get a set built for a woman. I borrowed Karen's clubs for some swings, and was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made. Big 5, here I come! I am so glad to be golfing again, really helps me to be not so mental;).

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am going to get fat now. Seriously, have you tried the Oatmeal Cookie Dough by Ben & Jerry's?! Probably not what I needed today, but it does help. Well, except for the figure....sigh.
No picture required

I am lost
I am alone
I am confused about that
I feel sad
and tired..............

Saturday, July 05, 2008

My post PMS Blog*

In light of all the "ridiculously blessed" blogs out there, I thought I would write one to. I wouldn't call myself "ridiculously blessed", but I would have to say I am blessed. I know I am. Even when I am down in the dumps, I know I am blessed. So, I am trying for a new attitude. I am going to share all the ways I am blessed, really to remind myself.

There is my nut of a brother and his saint wife, Allyson. Just kidding Allyson, we love you. Allyson is such a great part of our family now. I am very thankful for the relationship I have with my brother now.

My mommy. Not sure what I would do with myself if I didn't have her. She was here in June for a few days, and it was so nice to just be together, plant stuff, and go shopping.

Great friends!!

A house with possibilities. I really need to past some updated house pics. I have done somethings to it since I moved in. I am lucky to own my own house.

And of course, my poochies. The little one is Dell, I'm dog sitting. Isn't she cute? I love when she comes over because I have an animal that can snuggle right up to me and not get too hot and have to move away after a couple minutes. So yeah, I know I am blessed.