Sunday, September 30, 2007

Two steps closer.

Saturday, I attended a Members class at my church, Springs Calvary. I really feel that it is time to get up and start walking towards what I want, instead of doing what I usually do which is wait for something to happen, then wonder why nothing did. The structure of the church is very laid back, and the Pastors really rely on the congregation to make things happen. It's sort of a church for and by the people kind of thing. The pastors help to connect, but it is up to us to initiate what we want. Something, you know, is hard for me to do. I do feel led to keep walking outside my comfort level, and in order to have the Christian family I want, I am going to have to make myself a part of things. This is when I really wish I had Karen's gift of making friends and connecting to people. Not my strong suit. So, first step is the first Members class, there is another one next Saturday. Last week, I tried to find small group postings on the website, because there are none posted in the bulletins, and there are none listed in the website either. I found out from the members class that this is very much intentional based on what I described to you earlier. They want us to form our relationships and serve where we are called. So, I wasn't sure last week what to do, so I emailed one of the Pastors in hopes he could put me in touch with someone. He wrote back, Pastor Pete, and asked me to find him after church so we could talk in person. I did that today. I had to make myself stay there while he prayed with some other people, and talk to some others. I kept praying, Lord don't let me run, just keep me here. You know all I wanted to do was bolt. When I finally got to talk to him, he remembered my name. He talked to me about a few people he wanted to introduce me to, one is a single girl, the others were a couple who have a small group for people in their 30's and 40's. He explained that they didn't really do much as far as Singles Groups, but this no longer matters to me as much. I have kind of half given up looking for that for now. Right now I just want to get to know people and actually be a contributing member to my church. I use to hate the idea of even being in a Women's Group, but now I am all for it! The people he wanted to introduce me to were gone already, but he did lead me over to a lady, who I had talked to in church today already, and told me that she is another good person to connect with, because she is really involved and knows a lot of people here. She told me that if I had a heart for serving, I should come next Sunday at 9:15. That is when anyone who feels like serving in some way, comes early, they gather together, pray, and everyone decides where they want to serve, or people designate where they want you. It really is laid back like that. It is not at all structured in anyway. She said that is a great time to meet people who are more involved and may be a way to get into some small groups. Ok, so I really feel that I am heading in the right direction here. It felt good. So, pray that I can get my lazy-sleeping-in-lovin butt out of bed early enough next Sunday to make it there by 9:15. You know I am ALWAYS late for church and it starts at 9:45!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


One Year later

Now that I have my computer back, I can blog about somethings that I have been wanting to write about for a long time. I needed my pics!

This one is of Millie and Rooby in the cottage sharing the dog bed for the first time. Next is the first time Millie and Rooby actually played together. Millie has the upper hand! This one below is of

Millie's first nap in our new house with her new friend. Next, Millie's first hike!

First drink in a creek with Rooby. Here's to many more years of firsts. I love my Millie!

As you can see I have had some issues setting up the flow of this post. Hope you can follow it anyway.

I finally have my laptop back!!! Happy day!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Who gets lost in Waldo Canyon?

Give up? ME! Never thought it could happen in the 10 years that I have lived here, that I would get lost on a well traveled trail. A trail that is a loop no less! A trail that many people hike on all the time at any time of day. So, we are hiking along. I have my camel back full of water, I thought. I have Millie's new Dog-pack filled with necessities such as snacks for all of us. I had a big late breakfast, so I was full when we started at noon. At the start of the trail, we ran into lots of people. Then not long after I turned onto the loop, we ran into one person. In hindsight, this was pretty strange because of all the cars that were in the parking lot and people we saw at first. But I guess I thought maybe most people were starting off in the opposite direction, and I would run into people eventually. After that initial hiker, I saw no one. We hiked what seemed forever, when I looked around at the scenery and thought to myself that everything looked a little different than what I remember. It had been a few years since I hiked here. Then after a while later, and by the way I am out of water and have eaten most of the snacks, I saw roofs. Yes, houses. Those of you who have been to Waldo know that there are no houses that close to the trail. Before I knew it, we were in a neighborhood. I was really upset now, because my inkling that I was perhaps lost was becoming real. I walked around the neighborhood for a bit, looked around at the mountains trying to get my barrings, but I couldn't figure out where I was exactly. Was I in Manitou Springs, which is further west from where I started, or in Green Mountain Falls which is further east. By this time I was pretty frustrated. I couldn't figure out what I did, except that there were two paths a ways back and Rooby had gone one way, but I decided to go another. I prayed, but it was a slightly angry prayer because I was in this situation by myself. I was also determined to figure out what I had done. I was not going to ask anyone for help. I decided to double back and take Rooby's path from a while ago. I did that, still very upset. I was crying somewhat and talking to God about I get myself in these situations that become obvious yet again that I am here alone. I was also freaked out that I could get lost here! No one knew where I was. I had a cell phone, and there were houses so I knew I wasn't going to die or anything, it's just the fact that I was lost. While this pity party was going on in my head, I suddenly realized that I had been in a complete circle and back at the same neighborhood I was in before! I couldn't believe it! It was well after 5pm at this point. I wasn't feeling well because I didn't have food in my tummy and no water. My dogs were hot and wanted water, especially Millie who was carrying the pack. We were pooped. I was quietly sobbing, and decided I needed to find out where I was. I wasn't going to ask for help, I had given it to God reluctantly. I am not sure I was really giving up control though. Walking down a street, I saw a woman standing outside a Bed & Breakfast House. She was looking right at me, and did not look away. I tried to avoid her stare and stop crying, but she kept looking at me. I had sun glasses on, so I didn't think she could see that I was crying. But when I came up on her, she stopped me and asked me if I was ok. It was clear that I wasn't, embarrassed, I told her what happened. She told me I was in Cascade, not as far east as Green Mountain Falls, but east of where I had started. Karen, I was all the way up by the Colorado Wines Restaurant we like! She and her family gave me a water, some for my dogs too, and gave me a ride to my car! And in the course of us talking, she let it be known that she is a believer. Here I thought God had left me alone yet again, and he was no where to be found because I can't feel him! But really he was there the whole time. He took me back to that neighborhood even though I stubbornly tried to leave it and find my own way. He put someone in my path, someone in his family, to help me. I was not alone for the hundredth time! I am saying that to myself, you all know my issues. Needless to say, Millie & I were not feeling well for the rest of the night, and Rooby's feet and legs were sore. It has taken me a few days to digest all this and figure out how I feel. I wish I didn't always feel so angry with God all the time. Life is not how I want it at the moment. I just need to realize that he is there with me through it all whether I feel him or not, he's there.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Are you ready for some Broncos?!
It is finally here, Bronco season! Notice I said 'Bronco" season instead of Football season? That's because truth be told, I only watch the Broncos play. I don't have the attention span it takes to watch more than one team, and the Broncos are my team! I was so excited for opening day, and I was watching the game by myself! I got my brats on, I got my chips on, and I got my beer on! And we pulled it off, all though it was a little too close. So, say it with me....GO BRONCOS!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hoo Hoo, hoo hoo hoo! The answer to my tech. prayers! FINALLY, I have Cable Highspeed Internet and have switched to Vonage! I belong to this world again! It is now tolerable to use the Internet at home again! I can watch utube! I can watch your video links now! And best of all.......It won't take me freakin forever to get to each of my blog sites and email sites! You guys don't know, or maybe you do, how nice this is for me. I love most of my technology again. Now for the camera.....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Technology Woes

I am sitting her at the Library, yes I finally broke down and went to the Library! It seems that I just can't anything right when it comes to my own technology these days. My laptop has been missing in action for several months now, but is currently in the shop getting repaired hopefully! I have been using a crappy work laptop that is slower than dial-up! But I can't use that for the Internet because I have no dial tone currently, no homer phone, because I cancelled with Qwest to start up Vonage. I am trying to save money see, so I thought if you have Highspeed "dial-up", that will work just as well as DSL or Cable Broadband, right? WRONG! I don't even want to go into the small fiasco I went through just to try and download Netzero Highspeed Dial up to the slower than molasses Dell laptop I am using, so I will skip that step. But I am sure you get the picture! So, since my computer is now finally in the shop, I have started to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I have ordered Cable Highspeed Internet, which will be coming Wed., and I can't wait. I can't wait to get back to uploading my won pics to my blogs, telling my stories with my pictures, like when I went to the Big Horns last weekend......Oh yeah, the Big Horns. That is where I dropped my camera in the rocks near the stream we were hiking around, and broke it! Now my camera is needing to be repaired or replaced! Seriously! What is my deal? I just want my technology to be back to normal and working better than ever. Is that too much to ask? Sheesh!