Friday, December 31, 2010

I have hit a small snag with the latest site that I tried is Chemistry. I had heard that you can use this site dating site for free, but what they really meant is you can take the personality test for free and set up your profile. I didn't know I would have to pay until some dudes expressed some interest in me. Dang it! It is about $50 for one month, or you can spend 26.50 a month for a six month commitent. I am looking for commitment, I really am, but am I willing to pay for it? Sheesh. So here are some of the other experiences I have had with other sites:

* Match site: This is the first site I used forever ago. I think I started using it back in 2002. I met some interesting guys then. Keep in mind that I was 32 then. I also met Blair through that site. For those of you who don't know, he was my last love which ended about 7-8 years ago. The last guy to break my heart. It has been that long since I have remotely let anyone else in. I don't know how to meet guys out there in the world because I am more likely too terrified to try. I have tried Match on a trial basis since then, years later, but the quality of guys has greatly diminished since then.

*Eharmony site: I thought, ok this is a site that is used by a lot of Christian guys. However, I have to say this was the weirdest dating experience I have EVER had! I met a guy who prayed out loud, as loud as he possibly could in a crowed restaurant. He had a serial killer look on his face most of the time. Plus he seemed to enjoy telling me what I needed to order, and how to cut it and eat it. He also told me that it was ok to hit a woman if she hits first. The next guy lied about what he looked like, then had the audacity to have people steak me out to make sure I looked good. He actually gave them the thumbs up when he thought I wasn't looking! Another guy thought, who said he was a Christian mind you, to touch himself while talking to me on the phone...seriously! So, no more Eharmony.

* I think next I tried Christian Cafe. By this time, I may have been feeling pretty disenchanted by all this. Keep in mind, I did wait a great deal of time in between using these sites. On this site, the guys that I was interested in could care less. Instead I kept hearing from creepy old guys, who were a lot older than me. They could have been my dad.

* Plentyoffish site: I tried this one, because I was done paying for my dating experiences. It's a free site that a lot of people are using. I thought maybe there would be a good pool of people. I did have one really good date, but he ditched me after that, I think it is because I wouldn't go to his house after dinner. It WAS the first time I met him, sheesh. Most of the guys on this site were jobless, go figure! I even met a homeless man on the site. Not everyone was jobless or homeless, but there were several. I did meet a guy that I really liked. He was averagely cute. He liked my sense of humor. He had his own business, and he was an artist. He also had a checkered past. He was a product of child abuse, had been married 4 times, and had three children. Not to mention that he was addicted to porn. He had 2 dates before he told me that one. When it was evident that he wasn't going to do anything about this addiction, it was over. 

I will give Karen's suggestions a try before I decide to pay for a subscription anywhere. I was hopeful about Chemistry because they have a really high success rate. They were featured on 20/20. Anyway, I will need to see, and probably pray about it. Stay tuned.

Dating sites do not have to be it for dating advice though, so if you think of something, suggest it! Ask people you know. I am open.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ok ladies, I am starting the new 2011 dating campaign!! And you all have to help me!! I am turning my blog into a dating advice column for me! I will ask advice in many types of situations, and what's more, I will try out all the advice no matter how scared I am or wacky it is. I will journal about all my adventures. If nothing else, should be fun and silly! I have not dated in sooo long, and I am tired of it. I can't figure out why I don't have a man in my life. I have tried the "I will wait for God method" for the  past year, and although God still needs to pick my guy, I am bored and lonely...let's just face it! I like my life now, I want someone to share it with me. So, ready to help me out?? OK! Let the advice begin, I can't wait to read what you will have me do first!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

In Digby's bed!

There's  a kid under that red Santa bag!
All the best parts of Christmas.