Monday, January 11, 2010

New update:
I miss blogging.

I miss reading your blogs.

Things have been wonderful/and very difficult.

I quit the Insurance job today. I was asked if I was passionate about insurance, and ya know what? I'm not! My boss was much more difficult to work with than I thought, and I didn't completely change the course of my life to put up with all that again for a job that is just a job for me. Still tutoring though.

Still working on trying to get that Professional Training job. Was able to finally send videos of me, so that should help.

I may be selling my house this week....PRAY!!!! I do have somene interested & could see an offer. 

It actually has been fun living with my mom, even though she doesn't live in RC, which would make the whole job thing easier for me. We really have been bonding and connecting,  love it!

Downside: my dog bit off part of my mom's dog's ear this weekend. I FELT BEYOND HORRIBLE. I can't properly explain why, but this sort of thing has been happening in one form or another since I moved back here. I am so tired of feeling like I am a burden on people. 

Looking for another part-time job until I find the real thing. The coffee shop idea has been resurfacing for some reason. Hmmmm, will someone please tell me what I am going to be when I grow up???

Again, I miss you all.