Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Incline & other hiking places helped me get in shape. I love this pic, cuz hundreds of people hike this trail, if you will, everyday and you are trespassing!
Millie & I training for the big Vaca!

Suree & I were able to play golf twice while I was home. Soooo much fun!

Janet, Kristi, Angie & me at the Firehouse. Girl's Night out before the reunion.

Cher & Suree

Suree & I

Kristi & Niki

Rock Star!

Nice Trev! BBQ fun at Karen's Dad's house.

Karen's nephew demonstrating just how big that hole really is!

Yes, this phone still works! Jamie's ancient cell phone. We had a good laugh over this.



Angie, Angie (we use to make silly tapes together), Janet & me.

Cher, Karen, Robbie (high school make-out partner) & me.

Carey & Cher

Hot girls, me, Carey & Cher

Fun day at the Waterslides! Man do I wish I had a good pic of us going down with the tubes!

The whole gang (unposed)

Janet, Suree, Carey, Cher. me & Karen (The Pose)

They can't just say cheese?:)

Karen being silly with Race, Suree's super cute boy.

As Carey put it, us closing down the fire pit at Cher's BBQ. Really, the best night ever.
I know we have all been sharing our thoughts on the Reunion, and here are mine. I put a lot of time and energy into what I thought I needed to do to get ready for the big reunion. I lost weight. I toned up as much as I could. I bought clothes, wayyyyyy too many clothes! Tanned, cut & colored hair, pedicure, and put a lot of thought on what it was going to be like. Who was I going to see? Will my high school boyfriend be there? Will people be different at this one so I can get to know a new side of them. I worried, I was beside myself with excitement, you name it I felt it. The big day itself, as some have already said was sort of a let down. No food. Had to leave for too long to get food. Dark, crowded, very difficult to carry on conversations. High school boyfriend was not there, grumpy & tired at the end. The next day was so much better. At the waterslides & Cher's BBQ with my very best friends in the whole world and their families, I was reminded what this whole thing is really about. I had so much more fun with my friends then with anything else. My friends are all remarkable people, flaws & all! My heart aches right now because we are all so far a part. While I was there, I felt like I belonged somewhere. Now.....? Anyway, I am missing you all right now and feeling a bit lost again. Thank you for all the memories!!
PS: Can't figure out why some of the pics are so far apart! Sheesh!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Say a prayer please, I just emailed AllBreed and asked them if I can keep Digby. I couldn't bring myself to call them. If they say no, I will cry.

Thank you Bobbi!!!

We love them!:)

I'm wearing mine now, and yes Karen,