Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ok, so not much interest in my quest for sound dating advice. Even so, I am going to plug away, even if I am only writing this for myself. I know most of my friends maybe can't relate to me since you all have been married for so long, and I am...well 40 and still single. So, I decided to be open about my blog idea for dating advice that I will swear to follow to the letter to people I hang out with outside of my blog circle. I have not jumped in to the cyber dating world yet, I am in a spending freeze right now. So that will have to wait for now. Not discounting it, just can't afford it. There is also this little voice telling me not to yet.

I told my friend Tara about my plan, we started talking about all the silly ways I could meet guys. We were sitting at this great new tapas place drinking wine, when our very cute waiter came up. I was feel flirty, and said something breezy to him, but he walked away before he really even had a chance to hear me. He wasn't even flirting for a good tip! I had already drank a full glass of yummy wine, so I said as much, but I guess a little louder than I intended. Tara was laughing, and said 'uh, that was really loud!' He wasn't very talkative the whole time we were there, but after this incident, he seemed to smile more at me, and linger slightly. I then thought, maybe he isn't a flirty type of guy, maybe he is shy. Tara's boyfriend came in then. We got him up to speed with what we were talking about. Cute waiter came by, then left. Dan, Tara's man, said he's interested. I said, how do you know? He said because the guy looked you in the eye. Dan then asked if I had a card. I didn't, so he found something I could write on. He then said write him a short note and give him your number, what do you have to lose? I decided, yeah, worse-comes-to-worse I will have least made him feel good. So, I wrote a short note & my number. Dan took the card, and stayed behind when we left. Dan gave the waiter the card. When Dan came out, Tara asked what happened? Dan said he was all teeth:) So, you never know. Anyway, I did it. I jumped out of my tight comfort zone, and gave the advice a shot. You know what it was fun! Now what??

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sorry for the blurry picture here. I thought I would take a break from my dating saga (so-to-speak) to write about about my weight control venture. I really wanted to take a picture of what I am actually using, but I am lazy with my camera these days. Anyway my diet is the same thing I have done before, portion control!! I read in Shape Magazine that you can still lose weight by eating 4 meals a day (healthy of course!), instead of the popular small six meals a day. I have tried the 6 meals a day method before, but either I get too busy to remember to eat all six, or some of the meals get a little bigger than they are suppose to. I just can't eat all tiny meals, there has to be at least one meal that is a real meal!! So, anyway Shape said that, although watching your portion size is important (use small plates), having solid good-for-you meals plus one snack works to help lose weight that won't come back instantly because it is not a short term diet, it is how you should always eat. They say you can lose 10 pounds in a month. They had some great recipes too that I plan on trying.
   Of course, I have to get back on the exercise wagon! I am ashamed to say that I hadn't even walked a single dog for 2 weeks during Christmas, and before that exercise was sporadic at best during both Nov. & Dec.!! Not to mention all the yummy yummy crap I have been eating. So, no surprise to find that my muffin top is now out of control. I hate that feeling of flab flopping over your jeans, and the look of dimples that should not be there on the back of my legs. My butt doesn't seem to get big, but flattish instead. So my plan is to check out CD's to exercise to from the library, cuz I am too po to afford the gym. So every two weeks I check out either yoga or Pilate's or a mixture of both. I got a stretch band, and some hand weights. Doggies are getting out with me more, which is good for all of us! I am looking forward to warmer drier weather that I can start hiking more often in. I am feeling much better, but have a ways to go.
   I read that foods with High Fructose Corn Syrup is a no no. I was shocked, when I started looking at my food labels how much stuff has this in it! It's crazy. You have to be careful about Salsa that you buy (for example), get only natural/organic ingredients when buying salsa, or make you own. I started buying real peanut butter, that I am slowly getting use to. I find myself craving my Jiffy at times, but real is not too bad. I know the more I eat it, the better it will taste. I do love that I am more and more conscious of what is really good for me, which can be confusing at times. 
   Here's to a healthier me!  Happy New Year 2011!