Monday, May 28, 2007

The big day is looming!
I leave tomorrow for SD. The first couple of days will be pretty noneventful, but starting Thursday night, the fun begins. I have had a pretty good sense of humor about all that is about to happen. I felt my first slight panic today actually. I prayed though, and God said I'm ready. Weird. I haven't seen the Dad in 14 years. 14 years. And by all accounts, he hasn't changed. My mom said when she saw him at my brother's graduation, he gave her an impromptu hug. He was lively, and sugary sweet. Make no mistake, it's all an act. His name is Milt, and that is what I call him. My brother's Fiance even told me that Milt told his wife that she needed to take a back seat to him during Brook's Wedding, because he was going to have all the attention. I guess his wife told Allyson this! She is another story apparently. Let me tell you all this loud and clear. THERE WILL BE NO HUGGING WITH MILT! Ok, I feel better. I know God will have a hold on me. I know I am to be calm and gracious. I will do nothing to ruin my brother's day. I will not, however, pretend that I have a relationship with Milt. Hence the NO HUGGING clause from earlier. I will treat him like an acquaintance I haven't seen in years. Nothing more.
So, the events will go like this:
Thursday Night: Bachelorette party. Judy, Milt's wife, will be there. The story on her is she is a meddler. She should be interesting. I predict that she will be talking Milt up, and pushing for a reconciliation. High school word- NOT! At my brother's graduation, Judy kept trying to help my gramma walk. Those of you that know my gramma, know that is a big no no. Judy is on my gramma's list. Did I mention gramma is coming also?:)
Friday Night: Rehearsal Dinner. This is an event put on by Milt and Judy. It was suppose to be at their house, but thankfully Brook talked them into having it at a neutral location. Judy picked the Governor's Mansion. Apparently a ritzy new place. It actually use to be the current Governor's house relocated to RC. This should show off their money. But I get to wear my very cool new Terra Verde dress! Did I mention Milt is in the wedding? Yeah, he's in the wedding.
Saturday Night: Wedding Day. This should be great except for the fact that uh...Milt's in the wedding. He was suppose to be the Best Man, but was demoted. My grampa is now the Best Man. Did I mention that Brook and Milt are currently not speaking? AND HE IS IN THE WEDDING! Then there is the reception. This is at The Elk Creek Steakhouse and Lounge. There will be drinking. Milt, an alcoholic, will be drinking. Allyson's dad, an alcoholic, will be drinking. They don't like each other. You do the math.
I love my brother. He is marrying the best girl. I truly want this day to be about them. I am writing these fears, so hopefully they won't happen. And if they do, I can laugh about it. God is with me, that is all I need. Let's just hope I can make a million dollars off the video I am going to shoot!

Monday, May 21, 2007

My perfect Day

I had the best day yesterday that I just have to share. I went to church, my new church, and was so great! There was a girl sitting by herself in front of me that introduced herself to me when we had the "greeting" time. Her name is Shana. She has been church hoping too, and seemed to like this church immediately like I did. I encouraged her to keep coming. We seemed to click, so I am hoping that she may be a future friend. At the end of the service, the church celebrated their one year anniversary. So, they had food & cake in the lobby. I decided that I was going to hang around. It helps that 2 of my teachers go to this church, so I knew that I would have someone to talk to. But at first, they weren't in the lobby. So, I got food, and prayed that someone cool would come over and talk to me, cuz you know I can't do that myself! Someone did, almost as soon as I prayed. This really cool blond greeter came over to me. She remembered me from a couple weeks ago, and started talking to me. She was really fun to talk to. She introduced me to several other people, that I talked to. And she said that she wants to start a Professional Women's Small Group soon, and wanted to keep me in mind for that! I talked to my teachers for a bit after that, met some other people, and really enjoyed myself. The consensus amongst new and regular church goers, was that this church is going places. There is such a genuine feeling here. I really believe it will explode soon. I feel fortunate to have found it so early. I think it will make it a lot easier for me to get myself embedded in the life. After church, I stopped at a neighborhood nail place and found myself getting a mani-peti before I knew it! I got my feet massaged, and was pampered. I decided to get a French Manicure/pedicure. It looks great. Maybe I will include a picture like Karen did when I get my camera back. I then went home and had lunch on my patio. My neighbor came over and handed me a beer! Very nice! After that it was to the dog park with the poochies. I even talked to a REALLY cute guy there! I managed to extend the conversation a lot longer than my norm, but Millie of course attempted to beat up his dog, so that was that. But MAN he was cute. I felt proud of myself that I made more of an effort. I hope he comes back. So, there you have it. A great day! Hope you all had a great weekend yourselves.

Friday, May 18, 2007

To up to date you:

* So, the prognosis on the laptop...not good. I had our IT person look at it this week, and it sounds like it is a faulty battery that is notoriously bad in the type of computer I have. What's worse is there was a Class Action Law suit that I could have been a part of, but didn't participate in it because at the time my computer was fine! Sucks, it wasn't a cheap laptop, and I do not have the money to replace it. So, I am going to Best Buy this weekend to yell at them and see what they or Toshiba can do for me.

* I started Golf Lessons last week, and am loving it. I found out that you can go through a Women's Clinic on Ft. Carson Army Base for only $35 for 6 weeks of lessons! I am so glad I decided to take lessons again. Last year when I did it, I just didn't feel very confident. But I actually retained quite a lot from last year and am gaining confidence. Last year, the teacher would always use me as the example of what not to do! But this year, they keep asking me if I have taken lessons before because I look like I know what I am doing a lot of the time. I'm still not a great golfer or anything, but now it seems to be clicking for me.

* Karen, E, & Trevor were here all last week, which was so great! I had friends for a week! We hiked, ate, and best of all hung out. E & I even had our own time together. He stayed over night one night. We ate pizza, watched a movie, walked the dogs, and went bowling!

* I got most of my backyard done! I had rocks put in the majority of the yard, but had an area blocked off with edging for my future flat stone patio. The dog side of the yard, I (with the help of Karen & E) put mulch down. I can finally tolerate my backyard which has been an eyesore for me since I moved in. It feels good to get something significant accomplished!

* Now I am getting ready for the big wedding! Brook graduated last weekend, so that milestone is done with and we can all consentrate on the big day. I have been tanning, growing my nails out for the mani-peti I'll be getting. Had my hair cut. Have the Bridesmade dress, and bought a cool Terra Verde dress while Karen was here for the rehearsal dinner. I am ready! I wonder if Brook is:) Anyway, his wedding is a whole new blog which I will need to do later.

* I hope everyone is doing great. I don't get much time to read blogs. But I try when I can. Write me, I miss you guys!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Technical difficulties!

Like Susan experienced, I too will be without my laptop at home for awhile. It crashed AGAIN this Wed. It did this the last time about 6 months ago. SHEESH! So, if you don't hear from me for awhile, you know why. I will try and keep up with your blogs at work when I get some free time. I just hope I get my computer back soon.