Sunday, July 31, 2011

I did it!!!!!

I am about to graduate! I can't believe it really, but I am. I get final grades on the 10th of August. My Comps. were already approved, so all I need is the diploma! My Masters Degree Diploma!! Me. I have a! It's been a long row for me.

Back when I was getting my undergrad degree, I did not think in my wildest of dreams that I would be getting a masters in anything. Besides not really believing in myself back then, I really didn't want to get my masters. I was burnt out on college as it was, we won't talk about that here;) But because of my new job's requirements I had to get my masters. Me and 'have to' don't always mix real well. As a result, I started stopped, started stopped, moved then started again. 12 short years later, here I am!

This past year has been long and hard at times, but now I can tell it is already worth it!True, I had to go back and finally finish my masters, but I was really ready. God gave me the job I didn't know I always wanted, and also gave me the discipline and perseverance I so lacked before to finish.

There were lots of road blocks. I shouldn't have been able to get back in my masters program and finish where I left off, it had been too long. There is a rule that you must start over if it has been more than five years. But I gave it to God, and he found a way. A professor became very ill and died before he was able to grade my work for the class. It was looking very much like I would have to retake that class, but once again God found a way. I forgot to get my application in for Comps. and graduation in on time, but once again God found a way! Now here I am.

Now that I have all this under my belt, I can't wait to see what kind of life God has in store for me now. I do know one thing, I may be able to read some blogs more often:)