Saturday, November 05, 2011

Updates of the days of my life:

Rooby wondering what all the fuss is about.


Not sure you can see that clearly, but that friends is a golf ball sized tumor growing on the back of Rooby's leg! She had surgery to remove it the day before we drove home to the Black Hills for Labor Day weekend. She is fine, the doctor didn't think it was cancer. What was weird is that I didn't even notice this growing until recently! Guess I need to groom her more often;)


Sorry for the grainy quality of the picture, camera phones for ya. This is my mommy & her impulse buy while I was home! We did plan on car shopping, but this was the first car we looked at and test drove. But it's a Honda, so of course she bought it!

This was an oops pic, but so cute I had to add it. Such a happy Millie.

My uncles new cat. My Grampa finally got his cat fix in. He didn't stop playing & hold this kitten the whole time they had her there.

Me and my Grandpoops!

Myself and my Gramma. She didn't want her picture taken, can ya tell?

My uncle John & Bella

No cone is gonna stop Rooby from her daily ritual, which is watching me get ready!

I just thought this one of Digby was hilarious, way to relax dude!

So, now you are caught up with my little vaca in the Hills in Sept. I will try and start getting better at my blog writing, so more to come. I have been busy!


cherk said...

I love getting caught up in pics. Ready to hear more. How is the school year going and everything else?

Karen said...

I was so confused while reading this! I know you had told me recently (on the day you realized you forgot my birthday????) that you had posted, but then when I came here, the post seemed like it was from ages ago!

Big Mark 243 said...

Hope you are doing well!